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Automax Animations
Video Animation
Jim Pattisan, Lexus Northshore
Aditya Prajapati
VFX and Animation
Aditya Prajapati
2018 Lexus NX

Lexus, A International Brand that was Looking for Video for its new Class of Car. When you work on this kind of project where all Scenes, animation, car almost everything going to be animated. the challenge was to create the Car as real as possible with animation. Also Client want Entertaining as well a video that shows Lexus car benefits.

This is one of coolest and amazing project we have done. during the process of animated video you have to prepare for 50+ round of changes, you have to work on every little detail and also you you have to prepare for music and sound effects.

Behind The Scenes

We started working on the storyboard first. every scene details, characters movements. when storyboard complete you have to work on animation where you have to take care of every single movement of objects. after animation the video output goes to music and effects that makes it more entertaining.

So making this video was definitely an aesthetic choice. But as a animator, it is how I enjoy making a video. And as a director, I thrive on the challenge of working within the confines of a limited number of 5-minute footage. It’s my way of thinking through the process and mapping out the video.

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