Vintage Hotels
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Automax Productions
Aditya Prajapati
Vintage Hotels
Calvin Harris
Assistant Camera
Ingo Kendzia
Post Production
Automax Animation

Shooting Actor on Green Screen Always a challenge. you have to setup lights correctly so that its clearly brighten the background and foreground. after green-screen you have to work on whiteboard animation where the actor interact with animated user.

green screen footage require lot of work. from keying to color correction and after that software comes in where the key actor interact with animated character. so from planing to execution a shot is like battle.

Behind The Scenes

When you working on set with actor, there are many retakes. green screen lighting setup is always a challenge. Also video format plays a big role.

It was that feeling that he wanted the shoes, like Brandon in the movie. He’s got what he wants, but it’s a false victory. Then the real emotional impetus being when my brother saw my face and was like, “Well, it’s okay, you’re a man now.” It made me proud for a split second and then extremely sad. In retrospect, I look back on it and was like “That’s bullshit.

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