Shooting Actor on Green Screen Always a challenge. you have to setup lights correctly so that its clearly brighten the background and foreground. after green-screen you have to work on whiteboard animation where the actor interact with animated user.
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NGCC is a company that is organize to build and decorate the house of your dream with a standard materials, not only to build but we build with a guarantee.we specialize on p.o.p ceiling, suspended ceiling, wall screeding p.v.c ceiling, bungalow duplex and high rise buildings.
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Deflecto’s rich heritage was founded on innovative and problem solving products. It was in 1960, in the basement of C.P. Meyer’s home, that he invented the first air deflector.
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Brick Boston is a globally known Fitness brand which provides exercises , work balance tips, Diet and yoga. Akshay connect with Automax for Develop a TV spot for marketing and advertise his brand.
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