Web Design & Development Bachelor's


The relationship between the digital realm and the tangible world is profound, complex, and shaped by those who can easily navigate the ever-expanding overlap between the two.

Automax Studio’s Web Design and Development bachelor of science degree program is designed to provide the focused knowledge and understanding needed to integrate and deploy modern websites and web applications. You’ll use industry-standard tools, including modern client-side and server-side languages, relational and non-relational database structures, and frameworks used in modern web stacks.

  • Designing for Web Standards II – Students will learn how to use CSS and other standards to enhance web pages easily and effectively.
  • Programming for Web Applications – Students in this course will expand upon their knowledge by learning more advanced concepts of scripting languages such as JavaScript.
  • Advanced Database Structures – Students will examine advanced database design in order to gain a full understanding of its nature and scope. This course emphasizes designing databases to create web applications that are frequently used within the industry.