Show Production Bachelor’s

Lights. Audio. Magic. Live events have the power to endure in the minds of a crowd long after a gig is over. If you’ve dreamed of a career in live event production, Automax Studio’s Show Production bachelor’s program will arm you with practical skills to take any performance to the next level. From live sound and lighting to corporate presentations, you’ll build foundations in a wide array of audio and visual applications, and enter the industry with a deep understanding of what moves an audience.

  • Audio Measurement Systems – Students use software and hardware for real-time sound-system measurement, optimization, and control to analyze audio in real-time.
  • Mixing Techniques – In this course, students learn to use principles of blend, contrast, space, and dynamics to build listener interest.
  • Automated Lighting Technology – This course focuses on meeting the needs of current industry trends with an emphasis on programming, design layouts, and control of automated lighting systems.