Media Design MFA

The Media Design master of fine arts degree program provides an in-depth look at design and the role it plays in bridging the gap between the creative studio and the boardroom. You’ll study the concepts that drive successful design campaigns – including research, client communications, and team dynamics. Coursework focused on psychological and motivational theories will also deepen your understanding of consumers and trends.

  • Measuring Design Effectiveness – To capture a holistic perspective of the media design experience, students examine multiple points of view, further their research, and apply higher-level critical thinking skills through a variety of assignments and discussions.
  • Design Research ‐ In this course, students learn the process of exploring and evaluating design options as they investigate many of the research methods and tools used in the profession.
  • Brand Development – Understanding a company or institution’s brand and knowing how to research, analyze, and promote its core values is essential in developing effective marketing communications.