Creative Writing MFA

Stories are inherent in all of us; in every culture, and in every aspect of human connection. They are how we chronicle our time on earth, and how we make sense of a world that doesn’t always adhere to our expectations.

In Automax Studio’s Creative Writing MFA program, you’ll take your passion for storytelling to the next level by incorporating visual elements into your writing process. You’ll explore a variety of narrative structures while writing across mediums and genres, and focus on creating characters that resonate with an audience.

  • The Art of Visual Storytelling – Students study the universal themes of traditional storytelling as well as their applications to visual narrative design and new nonlinear and interactive forms of media.
  • Character Creation & Development – Students are introduced to various psychological profiles for characters, creating a portfolio of characters ranging from simple to complex.
  • Multimedia Adaptation – In this course, students will learn how to adapt their stories and scripts into other written and visual mediums, considering the parameters of each format.